A Waitrose supermarket chain will no longer indicate the expiration date of fruits and vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables in Supermarkets

A large British supermarket Waitrose chain will no longer indicate the expiration date of fruits and vegetables from September, buyers will determine their freshness themselves. This measure is due to concern for the environment.

As representatives of the trading network say, the absence of special marking will increase the chance that the product will be bought and, accordingly, eaten, and not thrown into the trash. This means that the amount of food waste, which in Britain is 4.5 million tons of food per year, will also decrease.

More specifically, the “best by” label will be removed from packages, which shows until what date the products are at their best quality. Supermarkets are sure that this inscription only confuses buyers, who themselves are able to determine whether the product is good or not. But products, the use of which after the expiration date is simply dangerous, will retain stamps with the latest dates for use.

In addition to phasing out expiration labels, UK supermarkets are giving advice to shoppers on how to become more “environmentally responsible”. They are encouraged to draw up a “meal plan” and strictly adhere to it when shopping. It is advised to go to the store with a clear list of goods and in no case on an empty stomach. And before going grocery shopping, you need to take a picture of the contents of your refrigerator and do not put in the basket what you already have at home.

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